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“Super Tuesday” began with the uncertain of non-farm figures

Risk event for the week of the week, except for a February United States non-farm figures there is United States presidential primary. United States presidential election is not just United States an important political event in the country, also affected the entire international market trends.

On Tuesday that opened the first day of March, United States the most important primaries in the presidential election campaign “Super Tuesday” began. The same day, the democratic and Republican party contenders for the hundreds of delegates pulled out all the stops, in order to sharply in the days ahead of the competition, in order to pave the way to win their party’s nomination, and one step from the White House.

Republicans, Super Tuesday’s primary results will affect 661 delegates, more than half of 1237 votes needed to win the nomination. Momentum leading to the controversial billionaire Donald Trump has won three games in the first four primary if he continues winning potential on this day, other candidates, or indeed out of the game. Democrats will decide 865 delegates representative who accounted locked subscribers and third of 2383 tickets. Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s big win in South Carolina’s only competitor, after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, its own role in the “undisputed leader” status has been further consolidated. Widely predicted sweeping Clinton in 1st day, Sanders ‘ campaign will be more difficult to take in the future. “Super Tuesday” Trump might qualify, with one-on-one against Clinton also could represent the beginning of a long battle in the Republican.

In addition to the “Super Tuesday” late Friday this week will face in January at the non-farm figures.

Last year United States non-farm employment change figure, the latest data, in January 2016 data to open the “black” door, non-farm data dropped back below 20, 15.1 per cent of non-agricultural data close to the bottom of the year 2015. This is the United States adopted a new fiscal measures “interest” policies after non-farm data changes, this also into raising interest rates after the strength of the path from the side. Non-farm data released this week is good or bad, directly affect the outcomes of the rate decision in mid-March.

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