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Gold Price: Return Of The Bull Market Or Bear Trap?


- Gold mining companies have received over $600 million in financings this week alone;

-Osisko Gold Royalties, Detour Gold, Pretium Resources, Asanko Gold, Richmont Mines, and Lydian International are all recipients;

-Will the Gold price continue to rise, or is this the setup for a futures market-led bear trap?

-Goldman Sachs Jeff Currie has been conspicuously silent on gold since September of last year.

Gold has been on an upward tear these last few sessions, suggesting that there is every possibility that a bull phase has begun for the monetary metal based on certain macro-economic factors. But does the current move portend a trend? Or is this just yet another one of those booby traps gold’s market puppeteers are now famous for?

Is gold going to climb into the near-$1,400 range before Jeffrey Currie proclaims “Short Gold!”, presaging an utterly reckless overnight sell-off of gold futures overnight in Tokyo?

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