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About Us

eBullion, Inc. initially formed to develop software for use in on-line trading of Gold and Silver contracts. Since the acquisition of SKY Constant Century Company Limited, a 40 years Hong Kong limited liability company (“SKY Constant Century”), we have been engaged in the precious metals trading business, providing precious metals spot contract trading services to clients for trading gold and trading silver, via a 24-hour electronic trading platform located in Hong Kong.

Our business development focus has been, and we expect will continue to be, solely on increasing market share for the on-line trading gold and trading silver spot contracts within the Hong Kong market while developing a business model for the on-line trading of Gold and Silver spot contracts in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

In facilitating trades of precious metals, eBullion’s wholly owned subsidiary SKY Constant Century acts in its capacity as an officially designated electronics trading member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”), a self-regulatory organization registered in Hong Kong which acts as an exchange for the trading of Gold and Silver. SKY Constant Century holds a Type A1 License with theCGSE, which authorizes it to engage in the electronic trading of Kilo Gold and Loco London Gold and Silver on behalf of its clients. 

SKY Constant Century currently has 1 office in Hong Kong with over 10,000 office space. 

  • SKY Constant Century’s principal executive offices are located at Rm. 1805-6, 18/F, Tower 6, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
  • The telephone number at SKY Constant Century’s principal executive office is +852-2155-3999.
  • SKY Constant Century Company Limited official website: www.sky229.com